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Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro vs Celestron AVX. The movement to the stop happened during a test slew to a selected object. And, although I've asked, I doubt Celestron would supply it, or even be able to. x 2012 year, android Jelly Bean 4. I don't have the update cable for its internal software from the Celestron's site, it looks like that cable may just be a mini computer connector. It is a sturdily built mount, heavy, but still portablebut you will break a sweat. 0. In this regard the mount is flawless. Polar Axis Finderscope- CG-4 & CG-5 - #94223/94224 The Celestron Polar Axis Finder is designed to help you polar align your CG-4 (Omni Series) or CG-5 (Advanced Series) Equatorial Mount quickly, easily and with a high degree of accuracy. 0 2014 year, android Lollipop 5. Product Number: DSP-HYPSERV-AVX. Celestron had already been sold to a Swiss company back in 1980 and by 1985 or so, quality began to slip. Unfortunately have been unable to get the Celestron Firmware Manager working in order to attempt reflashing. This package combines the groundbreaking Advanced VX mount with Celestron's best optics, the EdgeHD optical system. Includes 5 Plossl telescope eyepieces, 2x Barlow lens, 6 color planetary filters, and neutral density moon filter. I've managed to connect successfully to my Celestron AVX mount using the Have been through the AVX manual and can't find any other  Free ground shipping. TetraView LCD Digital Microscope Manual. Elements Monocular Manual. I'm new to the EQ mount and have a Celestron AVX which provides a couple of methods  The trick is to adjust the scope manually when trying to align. 5056 or higher) will now fix the issue of Upgraded AVX Mounts not being compatible with SkySync GPS, and that after a reflash with CFM Skysync GPS will work with newer AVX Mounts/Boards. I have tried it with the TTS mount as well as a Celestron AVX (serial connection  The Celestron AVX is a great starting point for astrophotography and visual astronomers alike. A mount that is surely going to get compared to the Sky-Watcher HEQ5 is the Celestron AVX (Celestron Advanced VX). See below for my problems with Celestron Firmware Manager. Leave your hand control behind and slew to all the best celestial objects with a tap of your smartphone or tablet. QHY PoleMaster with adapter for AVX Mounts Celestron AVX CGEM ; the PoleMaster which you may find is much easier to understand and follow than QHY's own manual. With the mount set to a latitude of about 34 degrees, and with a light load on the mount, the stock 12-pound counterweight rides high on the shaft. This is clone of the Celestron PECTool used to upload, download and manipulate PEC data. About ADM V Series Saddle Plate for Celestron AVX Mount [ADM-VSAD-AVX] ADM Accessories: Fits Celestron AVX mount. I like the idea of using my computer to remotely operate mu AVX and with all the compatible free software available it's been an easy but still expensive hobby I wouldn't trade for anything. 00 View Similar. Servicing, repairs, customisation and Tuning is available Celestron mounts using OEM parts. Installs a driver for all computerized Celestron telescopes, now including the new Celestron Focuser. CFM downloaded it for me the last time I ran a handset upgrade. Replied by cb245 on topic Celestron AVX - bypass manual interaction on start up The mount always moved to the indexes without any issues when the command was sent. Serial Data Communication by U. Celestron Unified (6. 7 kg! Advantages of the AVX GoTo Mount: The original hand controller for the AVX mount, is also included. Fits Celestron AVX Mounts. I encountered one other problem. Calibrate before anything else! The SkySync GPS Accessory from Celestron boasts a 16-channel GPS module. max. Payload is rated at 22 pounds which seems realistic. is shown in Figure 23, which is same as that from Celestron / Starlight. Yes, I'm getting into astrophotography. Engineered from the ground up with astroimaging in mind, the new Advanced VX series from Celestron sets a new standard in mid-level telescopes. The telescope figures that out for you. In this episode, I unbox my first goto equatorial mount: a new Celestron Advanced VX mount. NOTE: With this version, Focuser moves are prevented if the focuser is not calibrated. Elements FireCel Manual View and Download Celestron Advanced VX 91519 instruction manual online. 25 the guider is an Orion 80 mm and the finder is a stock Celestron finder. This new app acts as a hand controller and your personal sky guide to redefine how you experience the night sky. NEW dual saddle plate is compatible with the narrow CG5/Vixen dovetails and larger CGE dovetails. Also for: Astromaster 90eq, Astromaster 90eq-md, Astromaster series, Astromaster 90 eq, Astromaster 90 eq-md, Astromaster 130 eq-md, 21064, 21069, I own a Celestron 8 SE, but the Alt Az mount was not suitable for imaging purposes. Split clamp design grips the dovetail bar along the entire surface of the saddle and will not dent or scratch the dovetail bar. All these come in an aluminum case. the user manual. Celestron Labs CM2000CF Manual. The Celestron 1. Compatible models include NexStar Evolution and Astro Fi models with built-in Wi-Fi, and others that use Celestron's SkyQ Link accessory. Coming from a Celestron SE mount (which works pretty well at locating and tracking), I was surprised to set up the AVX for the first time (and not level or align it as well as I would my manual GEM), go through a two-star align, and then punch in a star on the other side of the sky and have have it put dead center in a 17mm Plossl. MICHAEL O Celestron website lists part #12026 as the Advanced VX mount sold with an 8" SCT telescope. Celestron AVX project (on board control of dew heaters and manual slewing ect. It's not too big and it's not too small. cfm file for the Celestron AVX bootloader. We all started somewhere! Ask your questions here. The extra 2" vs. The mount comes with two 11 pound counterweights and I found I needed to add an AVX counterweight to balance this setup. HyperTune® Service for the Celestron Advanced VX Mount. 18 and is a good resource for those upgrading from an older version to the version 4 or • Support for faster updating via Celestron’s new firmware management software Below is a brief description of the individual components of NexStar+ hand control. Question, is the list above saying that neither the CG-5 nor AVX are supported even with the ASCOM Celestron Unified Driver? Or are those scopes listed above supported through built-in drivers to Starry Night? Am I reading all of this wrong? Advanced VX provides you with many of the features found on Celestron’s most sophisticated German equatorial mounts, at an extremely affordable price. Celestron can confirm that the latest CFM update (7. Use these settings to specify your Celestron Wi-Fi telescope preferences, including slew speeds and tracking. Celestron Labs CM1000C Manual. It provides many of the features that are found on Celestron’s more sophisticated German equatorial mounts, but at an extremely affordable price. Also for: Advanced vx 32054, Advanced vx 12079, Advanced vx 32062, Advanced vx 12026, Advanced vx 22020, Advanced vx 12046, Advanced vx 12067, Advanced vx 12031, The Advanced VX (AVX) sets a new standard in mid-level telescopes, providing many of the features found on Celestron’s most sophisticated German equatorial mounts at an extremely affordable price. The Advanced VX mount is designed to provide superior performance for smaller telescopes while taking advantage of Celestron’s most advanced of the manual concerning the use of your optical tube Remove all the pieces from their respective inner boxes and place on a flat, clear work area A large floor space is ideal When setting up your Celestron mount, you must start with the tripod and work up from there These instructions are laid out in the order each task must be performed New Celestron AVX mount as a manual push pull mount, is that possible? - posted in Mounts: Ive had an Excellent GP-DX mount as my lightweight robust mount since the mid 90s. The Advanced VX mount was designed from the ground up to serve as an imaging platform for smaller telescopes. View and Download Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ user manual online. Refer to the All Celestron Reflectors and Refractors Packaged with the. AstroMaster 130 EQ Telescope pdf manual download. Celestron Advanced VX Equatorial Mount with goto computerised technolgy capable of holding a variety ot telescopes. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. Communication to the hand control is 9600 bits/sec, no parity and one Celestron Telescope Forums - Celestron Telescope Forums Celestron 8se with starsense and celestrons motor focuser. Now your smaller telescope can take advantage of All-Star Polar Alignment and autoguider support. Thanks for the heads up Rick. htt I own a Celestron 8 SE, but the Alt Az mount was not suitable for imaging purposes. An AVX mount typically runs at 20-30 arcsecs from new unguided in independent tests. ) Celestron often doesn't have any in stock and when they do will only sell you Celestron once offered a computerized CG-5, which seems to be discontinued now (although it's essentially your AVX), but even that would be priced out of this segment once the OTA is added. The best bargain in computerized EQ mounts. Converters LLC : Controlling a Telescope over Bluetooth using NexRemote and ASCOM - Serial Accessories Serial Port Cards RS232 to RS485 / RS422 Converters Serial to Ethernet Converters USB to Serial Adapters (RS232) Wireless Serial Solutions Custom Items / other converters USB to RS485 / RS422 Converters MOXA Brand Converters Lantronix Brand Converters Review for DSAD-AVX- D Series Saddle. I have always had problems finding suitable alignment stars due to my somewhat restricted views form my garden. Celestron telescopes and several different optical tubes . This GoTo telescope mount sits at the same price point as the Sky-Watcher HEQ5, but is much newer. The new Advanced VX mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. Fortunately, the user manual covers them quite well. I use my AVX for observing and also for imaging using either my Celestron 6SE, William Optics Z61 and William Optics Z103. It is intended to work with Celestron Nexstar mounts like NexStar GPS, NexStar GPS-SA, NexStar iSeries, NexStar SE Series, NexStar GT, Advanced-VX, Advanced-GT and CGE mounts. Not sure what telescope is right for you? Read our How to  Apr 1, 2013 The following sections of this manual provide detailed steps required . This dovetail bar kit allows you to replace the wider CGE dovetail bar found on most Celestron 9. The Advanced VX provides you with many of the features found on Celestron´s most sophisticated German equatorial mounts, at an extremely attractive price and best transportability: The equatorial head itself weighs only 7. Celestron Labs CM800 Manual. S. 3. The Celestron Advanced VX mount is an ideal tool for those wishing to participate in astrophotography! Celestron StarSeeker 70/80/114/130mm Manual NexStar 5i/8i/8i Special Edition Hand Control Version 4 User's Guide - authored by Mike Swanson; written between the first and second editions of The NexStar User's Guide , includes coverage through version 4. Celestron Tuning Notes: The AVX (Advanced GT) is a successor to the popular CG5-GT. View Larger Image. This 7" Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tube combines with a sturdy Advanced VX equatorial mount and 2" stainless steel tripod to give users Developed from technology first seen in Celestron’s revolutionary SkyProdigy range of telescopes, the release of StarSense AutoAlign (SSA) in 2013 brought reliable and easy-to-use auto-alignment technology to most of the company’s other computerised telescope mounts. The person that I bought it from said it worked Celestron telescopes and several different optical tubes . The Starsense would hopefully solve this problem for me and hopefully accuratel goto any object anywhere within my limited views. Advanced VX 91519 Telescope pdf manual download. When used with a proper Celestron mount, the StarSense is a quick and easy solution for night viewing and astrophotography (30 second exposures or less). It will improve the accuracy of your initial star alignments thereby gaining more precise go-to movements as you view the night sky. Celestron’s engineers pulled no punches when designing the AVX mount. We are a friendly bunch! 3 posts • Page 1 of 1 Jul 5, 2017 The most compact and portable of Celestron's German equatorial mounts offers the same rigidity as our larger mounts with minimal flexure and  Polar Axis Finderscope for CGX and CGX-L manual · NPF ExploraScope Manual AstroMaster EQ Telescope Series 5 Language Manual · AstroMaster Quick  Manuals & Software. In 1998 Celestron was sold to the dreaded Tasco, which itself folded in 2002. Bargain prices on Celestron Mount now! PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope Manual German Equatorial Mount Compact and Portable 9. Visit our product support section for instruction manuals and more. The C9. Note, the GT hand controllers can possibily be replaced with newer versions that will then work with SkySafari 4/5. O'Telescope is Canada's top-tied Telescopes and Accessories store. This setup offers the astrophotographer maximum versatility - allowing up to 3 different f-stop configurations. View All · Manuals · Drivers and Software · White Papers · Product Info Sheets. ADM V Series Saddle Plate for Celestron AVX Mount [ADM-VSAD-AVX] All new Celestron mount AVX The new Advanced VX mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. 1. Jan 8, 2019 Aligned mount and put in Operations mode per instructions. a C6 puts the scope into another league, both for observing and in its mount requirements. Specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. Refer to the compatibility charts below . Summary of what happens and attempts to solve it. I primarily use this scope and the AVX mount for planetary viewing and imaging. 25" EdgeHD optical tubes with a narrow dovetail, allowing them to be used on mounts that require the narrower CG-5 dovetail bars, such as the Celestron Advanced VX Equatorial Mount - 91519 - The Celestron Advanced VX mount makes astrophotography easier and more accessible than ever. com/support/manuals- software Jul 27, 2018 These mounts are higher capacity mounts than the Celestron Advanced the instruction manual, a DC power cable and a counterweight bar. The kit I think refers to the combined AVX mount and whatever telescope came with it. The mount test The mount of all Celestron NexStar Evolution ‘scopes can be controlled and wirelessly configured via Celestron’s free SkyPortal app. 25 is smallest of the larger Celestron SCTs. 4 2011 year, android Jelly Bean 4. 0 2015 year Celestron's signature telescopes reach a new level with NexStar Evolution 6, the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated Wi-Fi. 1. We wanted to get some close-up, tracked galaxy images for the Astrophotography Series, and this mount seemed like the best option for delivering those images. Pointing accuracy seemed Celestron offers a choice of five different scopes in its SkyProdigy line: two refractors, Equipment review Astronomy tests Celestron’s SkyProdigy 6 Celestron C6 N Telescopes use a diffraction-limited parabolic primary mirrors for razor sharp star images across a wide field of view. It is a good versatile mount and with guiding I have managed exposures up to 10 minutes with nice round stars. User's manual; Also includes the following EXTRAS Save celestron avx mount to get e-mail alerts and Manual German Equatorial Mount - 21049. 25" Eyepiece and Filter Kit is a perfect starter kit for the beginning astronomer. I have a Celestron AVX mount. AP is really far more about the mount than the telescope, and from Celestron's signature telescopes reach a new level with NexStar Evolution 6, the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated Wi-Fi. 5 Takumar telephoto lens. At 11-13 lbs depending on what you have on it, you need a CG-5/AVX class of mount, and you'll need the 11 lb counterweight. The optics of Celestron C 6 N Newtonian Reflector Telescopes are manufactured to Celestron 's uncompromising standards with star images that are classic textbook Airy disks. CGEM/DX Motor Assembly (DEC/RA) $159. This excludes the older Nexstar GT series, the original Celestron Nexstar series and the Celestron Ultima 2000. In the lists that follow, by "manual," we mean the mount is controlled and the Celestron Heavy Duty Alt-Azimuth Tripod: manual, est. The AVX is one of the best value GoTo Computerized EQ mounts on the market. PEC Module for AVX Mount $25. 7 2010 year, android Ice Cream Sandwich 4. Brand New Celestron NexStar 8 SE Computerised Catadioptric Telescope Celestron Advanced VX mount has been the most popular German equatorial mount sold in our store ever since its introduction in 2013. 25. B&H Photo Video loaned us a Celestron AVX tracking mount specifically to test with a 500mm f/4. The scope is an Edge 9. Started by dkenney, 07-10-2019 11:59 PM. Celestron Advanced VX mount Your mount should come with all of the following: • Equatorial head. The industrial design gives a solid performance. TELESCOPE COMPATIBILITY Mounts with only one port for the hand control, such as the CG-5 Computerized Mount, require an Auxiliary Port Splitter, item #93919, available from Celestron . Celestron avx firmware update Download Android firmware APK for android Gingerbread 2. Note the large orange alt-az Celestron Wi-Fi Help. Visit us and save. Included Components, Polar axis finderscope and manual . It will save you the time and hassle of trying to align your scope for the night's sky-watching. Lacking Features. Celestron introduced SkyAlign several years ago, and it works amazingly well. The Celestron AVX is a great starting point for astrophotography and visual astronomers alike. Jump to content. Now, I have the . The AVX has been designed and engineered from the ground up with astroimaging in mind and sets a new standard in mid-level telescope mounts. Celestron's Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD telescope is an excellent entry-level astrophotography package. In May 2005, Celestron released a utility that greatly aids Periodic Error Correction (PEC) recordings for http://www. After months of exhaustive Celestron’s signature telescopes reach a new level with NexStar Evolution 8, the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated WiFi. Celestron Labs CB2000CF Manual. 1 2015 year, android Marshmallow 6. Dear all, Is there a way possible to bypass the manual interaction with the HC on Replied by cb245 on topic Celestron AVX - bypass manual interaction on start up The mount always moved to the indexes without any issues when the command was sent. All new Celestron mount AVX The new Advanced VX mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. Celestron Polar Finder Scope AVX CGEM. you are using the latest firmware - you can download from the Celestron site. The person that I bought it from said it worked I am selling my Celestron AVX mount that I purchased new in June 2015 from Land, Sea, and Sky in Houston, TX. Consult a Celestron dealer for more information. This portable German equatorial mount supports payloads up to 30 lb, making The original hand controller for the AVX mount, is also included. Product Support. Page 25 in the AVX manual shows a variety of combos and part numbers Celestron sells. Wish me luck and thanks f Celestron service is also petty good, I've asked some pretty difficult to answer questions and they have always been able to give me the correct answer. Free Shipping. I have not used the StarSence camera and bought it from a guy in Hawaii think it was. Description Celestron 7" Advanced VX Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope Setting a new standard for intermediate level telescopes, the Celestron Advanced VX 700 Maksutov-Cassegrain has been designed specifically for viewing the Moon and planets in high contrast. Celestron Labs S1060 Manual. As a result, you can spend more time observing and less time setting up. Celestron Dovetail Plate, Narrow - 9. It is not compatible with Losmandy (D-Style) dovetails. 4 2013 year, android Lollipop 5. Experience what's new   Ultimately I settled on the Celestron, not least because it was readily available, unlike Having studied the manual in advance, I found the alignment procedure In summary: the AVX is a fine visual mount for any telescope within its capacity. As another user pointed out, for photography you generally need an equatorial mount with tracking (the Celestron AVX is a good starter mount). 3 - 2. celestron. Celestron Labs CB2000C Manual. Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Review As one of Celestron’s top resellers in the US, Mike was able to get an early hands-on with the new NexStar Evolution 8″ telescope. LARGE BRACKET SMALL BRACKET Sirius Technologies Advance VX Mount Case (Orange) utilizes the mount's original shipping foam which fits snuggly within this carrying case. Please Note: The AVX dual saddle is compatible with Celestron’s narrow (CG-5) dovetails, third party Vixen (V-Style) dovetails, and Celestron's larger CGE style dovetails. Experience with Celestron 8" EdgeHD and I imagine the AVX mount would make it even more so. Join our email list. 25" for AVX Mounts #94502 Part: 94502. Then, after operating by itself for a few years, Celestron was acquired by the Chinese Synta company in 2005. The remaining problem is simply: I don't have the firmware. I'm new to the autoguiding world and don't want to blow up my Celestron motherboard or anything by connecting something wrong. EN. I recently purchased a Celestron Starsense to use with my Celestron AVX mount. 3 2013 year, android KitKat 4. 70594, May 2019) Telescope & Focuser. AVX Power Switch and Input Ports. TrekCel 2200 Manual. . Celestron Advanced VX DEC Motor Complete $127. Introducing Celestron’s SkyPortal: A Free App to Help You Explore the Universe. Advanced VX provides you with many of the features found on Celestron’s most sophisticated German equatorial mounts, at an extremely affordable price. Celestron 91519 : The Celestron Advanced VX 30 lb capacity computerized mount is ideal for astrophotography. Fits my AVX perfectly, and was very easy to install (two allen wrenches and a phillip’s screwdriver). com : Celestron 94224 Polar Telescope Finderscope, Black : Camera & Photo. I've read a few forums that now has me somewhat scared about going forward. FR. SkySafari controls compatible Celestron Wi-Fi telescopes. 25" Schmidt-Cassegrain and 9. With Manual Align, you slew to one star you know, then tap on it in the app display to align on it. Some Meade ETX models (60/80) ship with the Autostar #494 controller. I have diddly squat for info on the AVX Autoguiding port, the manual says nothing about the port, the type or its set up, I assume it is ST-4 compatible The next thing I tried was connecting Celestron supplied USB/Serial Port cable from the laptop to the autoguider port, and was not able to connect to the mount. Manual clutches We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Does Skyfari 4 Plus for android control Celestron Ultima 2000 telescope? Celestron NexStar Evolution and SkySafari on Macbook Air Cannot link to Nexstar GPS with SkyQ link and They can be any three bright objects in the sky, and you don’t need to know what they are. load approx. 2. Celestron Advanced VX 6" Newtonian Telescope. Buy Celestron Advanced VX GoTo German Equatorial Mount featuring Motorized corrections; Built-in instructions guide you through the alignment procedures  Amazon. The anodizing even matches Celestron’s – a nice touch. It started from the ground up based on user feedback. It’s also used for solar and lunar observing and imaging and it handles all aspects very well. LARGE BRACKET SMALL BRACKET Servicing, repairs, customisation and Tuning is available Celestron mounts using OEM parts. We process  This section covers the assembly instructions for your. Celestron Labs S20 Manual. Matching spot diagram for celestron 8” edgehd and plaary camera celestron 8 airy disc. LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY (LCD) WINDOW: Offers improved performance in cold weather and red backlighting for comfortable nighttime viewing of telescope information and scrolling I own a Celestron 8 SE, but the Alt Az mount was not suitable for imaging purposes. Its an excellent lightweight push pull type mount for scopes up to about 120mm refractors and 8 SCTs. Jul 5, 2017 Polar align your Celestron CGEM, Advanced VX, or CG-5 equatorial mount with this Celestron Polar Finderscope; Inserts into the polar finder  StarSense Manual Align . So ZWO's not the go! Any experience with automated filter wheels? (I'm an even more "lazy bloke" I have been thinking about an automated filter wheel since I saw a post from a guy who sacrificed a scratched filter by painting both sides matt black and used it as a darks 'cap'. 11. Celestron C9. AstroMaster Series. Here's my question. 4th Oct had a response 17 and 16 from my Celestron 925 AVX, probably due to handset connection becoming slightly dislodged. We could write an entire article about the menu system. Packed full of new features, the Celestron Equatorial Advanced VX Mount delivers a higher standard for small, finely tuned mounts. It has improved motors with dual-axis encoders which offer more power to compensate for slight load imbalances. I have a Mac laptop running Windows 10 with PHD2. 25" for AVX Mounts While this is a pretty decent scope to start out with, it's not really a high-quality instrument, and certainly not good for photography. 25 of 50 . 3 - 4. Combine it with an 80mm APO refractor for a portable Astrophotography setup. Not sure what telescope is right for you? Read our How to Choose a Telescope article. Stay Connected. Logically, the Sky-Watcher EQM-35 ( a computerized CG-4 mount) at $725 might be a solution at the top end of the segment, but that would be pushing it with Advanced vx avx mount celestron telescopes telescope bit wider than that also the improved avx requires the height of the dovetail undercut to be at least 102mm and the losmandy d has a dovetail. These soft carrying cases for telescopes were designed to provide an attractive and lightweight means to store and transport your telescope. Celestron AVX - bypass manual interaction on start up was created by penguin_a_geek. Celestron AVX and RACI. Celestron AVX Control Detail. Buy Celestron Advanced VX GoTo German Equatorial Mount featuring Motorized Computer-Controlled EQ Mount, Low-Cog Dual-Axis DC Servo Motors, NexStar+ GoTo Hand Controller, 40,000+ Database, User-Defined Objects, Multiple Slew and Tracking Rates, Multiple Alignment Procedures, Backlash Compensation, Permanent PEC, CG-5 Vixen-Style Dovetail Saddle, 2" Steel Adjustable Tripod with Tray The remaining problem is simply: I don't have the firmware. The new Celestron Advanced VX mount is a completely re-engineered upgrade to the hugely successful Celestron CG5-GT mount. Sign Up. ThermoCharge Manual. The menus are deep and have a LOT of options. For all that the AVX offers, is has some notable weaknesses. Celestron's choice not to include decent bearings on this axis is the mount's greatest failing. NOTE: Works with Celestron CGE dovetail, but not Losmandy D dovetail The mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance. . If you don’t have a smart ‘phone or tablet, you can still drive the ‘scope with the supplied NexStar+ hand controller shown. celestron avx manual

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