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They suggest to set cloudflare’s caching level to “aggressive”. Siteground cleverly markets their GoGeek plan as being semi-dedicated but it's shared hosting. So, much so one time a hacker came this close to owning about a couple hundred domains from my account. Considering Aggressive Caching. Thanks CloudFlare (cloudflare. , CSS, images, and Cloudflare, Inc. Examples: Defaults to the caching level option you have in your Cloudflare performance settings for the domain. The options, you can configure are as follows: Cloudflare Caching Level: You can chose between Basic, Simple and Aggressive mode. If you want to find out more information on how exactly 1. When a user changes their avatar image, this add-on will request CloudFlare purge the image from their cache. With the flexible SSL you are a little more limited if you want to redirect all traffic to HTTPS using CloudFlare, and I can only assume that your global CloudFlare page settings (such as simple/aggressive caching) come into effect otherwise. ” Finally, set the Edge Cache TTL to a month. Domain – yourwebsite. Because of this, I think that the intermediate CDN may be causing caching issues. Ignore query string. Discord’s excuse for files continuing to get served after they have been deleted is due to an aggressive caching policy. (Overkill? Counterproductive?) UPDATE: First byte  30 Aug 2016 For example, there may be unencrypted segments where caching Traffic between CloudFlare and the origin is also encrypted, but . Your Cloudflare offers a suite of performance optimizations, including HTTP/2, TLS 1. You’ve probably noticed that this caching method is very aggressive and since I’m using the free tier of Cloudflare I can’t create any page rules based on cookie values that would assist in busting through the cache if I’m signed in. How to: Cache static HTML with CloudFlare? So… I have been working with CloudFlare for quite sometime but every now and then when my web server goes down CloudFlare seems to be unable to serve my pages while it comes back. Document your current DNS records Sign up for CloudFlare account Add Site enter domain name and Begin Scan compare scanned DNS records to live records select Free plan Change DNS name servers Performance Profile – CDN+Full Optimization Security Profile – Medium Go to the Overview screen and Recheck Nameservers Confirm Security Level is Nobody in their right mind is going to advocate for remaining totally unencrypted rather than using CloudFlare purely to encrypt between their edge nodes and your users. Don't get me wrong, you still get the reporting, and the CDN features for site content, etc, but not the availability bit. By But if I change the last rule to Aggressive Caching, it solves that problem, but now I think CloudFlare is not Basic Cloudflare Settings. 6 days ago Standard / Aggressive: Delivers a different resource each time the For more advanced caching options with Page Rules, please see this  2 Jun 2019 By default, Cloudflare is conservative with caching and only caches specific static file types omitting HTML and other resources that may 6 Apr 2019 Standard / Aggressive caching. Result, less server bandwidth and faster website. How to Modify Caching Behavior in Internet Explorer 10 Taylor Gibb @taybgibb October 30, 2012, 2:00am EDT Caching is term used a lot when it comes to technology, here’s a brief introduction to the subject as well as some tips on how to view and edit cached file settings in Internet Explorer. Control caching levels and how Cloudflare caches your website. 6 Jan 2014 How we have improved Drupal site performance with Cloudflare. Caches static content that has a query  26 Apr 2019 Boost site performance by fine-tuning your caching configuration through Cloudflare Page Rules. In this example, I’m targeting a folder that holds the majority of my image assets as well as some other types of multimedia. Within CloudFlare we like to think we are saving the internet, providing sites the same tools that a handful of big enterpriseses have previously had reserved Cloudflare AMP Cache Overview. CloudFlare treats that latter request as a cache MISS (cf-cache-status:MISS) and hits my origin server again. It doesn't assume you are using the silverstripe-cloudflare-purger plugin. Most common issue is with Rocket If you have Cloudflare installed, it’s probably already caching your CSS and JS files. DNS. This in spite of the fact that the HTML returned from the origin is identical for both URLs. Home; Home It has allowed us to use aggressive caching policy. Before getting started I would like ro request you to read this : 10 Best Steps To Speed Up WordPress W3 Total Cache Optimize website speed as well as Enhance your website's SEO and user experience by improving the performance . WP caching will try to deliver static HTML instead of the slightly slower dynamic content generated by PHP. There are two common places to set minification – via a local caching plugin and via a CDN like Cloudflare. How i was able to pwned application by Bypassing Cloudflare WAF . Additionally, here the cache control is also set to public. The question then Standard / Aggressive: example. . Applications must also take care not to exhaust system memory themselves through aggressive caching. It's a great service and makes for incredibly performant sites if used right (aggressively). Again, remember that other cache plugs also catch up those URLs in the background, so you will never be aware. So, how does 1. I'm not sure exactly how CloudFlare's caching works, but usually when caching has to take query strings into account, it will slow down considerably. If you have recently added your site to the Cloudflare service and set the caching to aggressive you may lose some javascript functionality on your site. Leverage browser caching is good. With the Rocket plugin, it is optional to use Cloudflare individually as the plugin involves WP Rocket Cloudflare add-on. This will suspend CloudFlare's caching and minification features. These “caching” create a scenario where you website assets including CSS / JS / images files hosted in multiple locations and served to the end user as a static content. But I only see that there 3 settings: no query string, ignore query string, and standard. This article explains how to configure SilverStripe and Cloudflare so your web pages are cached properly. Cloudflare's Performance and Security Services work in conjunction to reduce latency of websites, mobile applications, and APIs end-to-end, while protecting against DDoS attack, abusive bots, and data breach. While this is feasable, you can get significantly better results if you take 10 minutes to customize it properly. Caching directives are unidirectional, meaning that a given directive in a request is not implying that the same directive is to be given in the response. Not that this was making a huge difference but because Swift Performance is such an aggressive caching plugin, it needs more resources than most. My Site Still Caches Its First Homepage from 6 Months Ago you need to sort out where the overly aggressive caching actually originates. But sometimes, you think it’s caching your resources, and it’s not. But now my question is, if Basic doesn't ignore the query string, and Aggressive doesn't ignore the query string, are Basic and Aggressive the same as far as query strings, but Aggressive just caches more files than Basic? I'm just not seeing a difference between all 3 of these settings as far as how it treats query strings. Security Warning: Do NOT cache user data! This goes without saying, but user data should not be cached. damoncloudflare , May 23, 2012 CloudFlare gives you a free SSL certificate for your domain (and all sub-domains). In this part of our tutorial we’ll be Setting up CloudFlare, a CDN that will let us distribute resources from our website around the world to improve the performance and reliability of the CloudFlare’s Cache Everything, at least on free plan, may not be suitable for WordPress with dynamic and constantly changing content, such as having a running counter, high comments volume, as the cached version of web pages may not reflect the subsequent changes on the web page until the cache is flushed or purged. This has aggressive caching and "negative caching" to  3 Sep 2018 By default, Cloudflare will cache typically-static content like images, That leaves making your site interact nicely with such aggressive caching  14 Dec 2018 I've had a Cloudflare account for a while now, it's my goto DNS It sounds nasty but with my aggressive caching I need a way to purge the  26 Jan 2019 Cloudflare's CDN saves them at least a whopping 2 petabytes of data every month. If you want more items cached, for example, then you would want to do aggressive caching. The basic setting will cache most static resources (i. After activating the Cloudflare option click on the settings below it and it will lead you to a new dashboard to configure the settings properly. In this article, I’ll explain some of the things that can prevent Cloudflare from caching your files, and how to force it to do so. Introduction. say your origin server headers may be set to cache for 2 weeks and you set CloudFlare to cache your site for a month, CloudFlare will ignore that sent by your server and instead forward the cache instruction you had set in CloudFlare to the web browser to Bruno Škvorc shows how to implement Varnish as an additional caching layer, along with the Cloudflare CDN, to increase an app's GTMetrix score dramatically. One improvement I made was to lean heavy on Cloudflare’s Page Rules functionality. 00/month and got to work. With purge-static, you can enable aggressive caching for your static site on your CDN, caching the entire site on the CDN edge. How to fix slow WordPress hosting on Bluehost using a cache plugin, image optimization, Cloudflare, and an array of speed plugins. Railgun is an optimization service that compresses normally uncacheable content up to 99. This multi-part tutorial is a complete guide to setting up WordPress on AWS. "IGNORE QUERY STRING CACHING:" I thought for sure I'd fix this problem by selecting the "IGNORE QUERY STRING CACHING" option. With 37% market share of managed DNS domains, Cloudflare runs the largest and fastest DNS network in the world. Add your site URL with an asterisk at the end. 5 – “zone_file_purge” — Purge a single file in CloudFlare’s cache. You can use any of the given settings according to the requirement to your website. jpg?with=query. Cloudflare setup. Cloudflare's AMP Cache serves cached copies of valid AMP content published to the web. 1 Sep 2013 in Web development, Performance, Caching, Cloudflare . Now it has 5 percent of all web requests, it means that every 20th site is on CloudFlare. On the Settings tab, you will see a list of options that you can enable or disable for the selected domain. Once the CloudFlare purge-static. 1 works, you can do so on the Cloudflare website here. Other places to cache are on your WordPress host. When you use it, go to performance settings under CloudFlare Settings, then do the following: Choose “Aggressive” caching level, Opt for “Rocket Loader” that automatically reduces the load times of your JavaScripts. Auto minify on. . is a U. Certain resources on your domain will likely not change often. Cloudflare's new Domain Name System promises to both speed up your internet access and protect your privacy. The Cache-Control general-header field is used to specify directives for caching mechanisms in both requests and responses. Standard / Aggressive: Delivers a different resource each time the query string changes. This makes a lot of sense as Cloudflare allows you to customize how long they cache your service’s content, so Discord could have this set to a high value like a week. Using Cloudflare's API, you can do just about anything you can do on cloudflare. 28 Jun 2017 You will still need to configure MaxCDN + Cloudflare. I am using cloudflare and my Browser Cache Expiration is 4 hours. css file which is cached on CloudFlare. When i turn on Development Mode (in cloudflare) and check my site on google PageSpeed. Caching Levels – I use the aggressive caching level which includes query strings. 3, file minification, and aggressive GZIP. 1. Ignore Query String – delivers same resource to everyone regardless of query string. I will configure Railgun, Page Rules, Rocket Loader and Aggressive Catching for optimal performance and security. I have zero problems, the trick is to NOT enable the rocket loader. How these resist to moisture, direct sunrays, etc? Have you already made any tests? Havent had long enough to try UV fading, though that should take quite some time to test. If requested files are not cached on Cloudflare, the Cloudflare servers will request them from your hosting server, and then deliver them to the end user. 😮 Thousands of dollars in hosting bills saved through aggressive caching. All I know is that it works! I might look into using a different CDN later on but for now CloudFlare is an awesome solution! Aggressive negative caching works only with DNSSEC signed zones, which includes both the root and ~1,400 out of 1,544 TLDs QNAME contains too much information. If you tell > Quick tip for those using static (jekyll, hugo) sites on s3: If you have cloudflare in front of it, you can turn on aggressive html caching > If you're fancy you can even programmatically purge the cache when you do CI deploys using the cloudflare API. Back on our server, we now need to make sure that our API endpoints return the correct ‘Cache-Control‘ header so that CloudFlare’s datacenters know what to do. cache_on_cookie - (Optional) String value of cookie name to conditionally  I had this set to aggressive cache, I'm changing it to basic and see if that is There is no way to turn off caching completely with cloudflare…. This tells Cloudflare to apply the rule to your entire site. Using "aggressive" caching should also fix the problem, but I historically had problems with it, so switched to "simplified". Overview Edge caching is a fundamental 29 Jul 2019 When resources on your site are cached on Cloudflare data centers, it allows us to send those resources to your visitors from a location Learn how Page Rules can meet the unique needs of your domain to help you optimize speed, harden security, increase reliability, and maximize bandwidth  icon local storage caching. These include minification, aggressive caching, and the deactivation of the CloudFlare Rocket Loader. Free account. The after_deploy step purges the entire Cloudflare cache for your site, so feel free to be very aggressive with the caching settings. CDN + Full Optimizations. Cloudflare Features. For these resources, taking advantage of aggressive caching options can significantly reduce the load on your server and bandwidth utilization. Invalidation and Expiration. Look at section 4. That makes it better and faster, but sometimes it means that built for crawling links is a bit too aggressive. They include a "MISS" in CF (cloudflare) caching. If you can, use simplified caching. If Cloudflare serves a https:// resource, does it still cache static resources? How do I control the nature of the resources cached? In other words, the settings equivalent to "Simple" caching, and "Aggressive" caching. CloudFlare is a fantastic option for bloggers on a budget. The Cloudflare API is a RESTful API based on HTTPS requests and JSON responses. Medium security. WordPress JetPack is yet another example of caching – but very specialize to images. For that reason, combined with the fact that it’s free and incredibly simple to set up, we feel comfortable calling Cache Enabler the best caching plugin, at least based on our testing. Alongside performance benefits, these configuration changes can prevent the most crude Application Layer DDoS Attacks. This system increases performance, provides some security from common exploits, and limits bots and crawlers from using up your server resources. cloudflare_sting Caching level. I purchased myself a set of five Rules for an additional +$5. This is ONLY useful if you are using "simplified" caching. The rest of the performance settings really define how long you want to cache things for and how. Cloudflare's AMP Cache network is distributed worldwide in 102 locations in 50 different countries. The Best Caching Plugins Ranked. You should set the cache level to aggressive and leave the rest of the settings at their  5 Feb 2019 Are you using the W3 Total Cache Cloudflare settings to make your But most of the user normally use the aggressive caching including . Provides a Cloudflare page rule resource. The SSL says it takes 24 hours, in my experience, it's about 2-3. This technique first tries to use the existing resolvers negative cache which keeps negative (or non-existent) information around for a period of time. damoncloudflare , May 23, 2012 Cloudflare setup. Optimal Settings – activates optimal Cloudflare settings: minification, aggressive caching, and deactivates Rocket Loader for better compatibility. Utilise le stockage local de façon intelligente sur les navigateurs modernes et les appareils  14 Apr 2019 How to configure every single tab in Cloudflare's settings to Level – amount of caching done by Cloudflare ('everything' is most aggressive). Cloudflare cache setup overwrite the default cache settings sent by the web page header. Rocket loader set to automatic. When developing on a CloudFlare served site, you have the option of temporarily entering development mode and purging the existing cache. Aggressive caching. Caching means that resources are served via cloudflare and saves your server resources. CloudFlare Setting to Increase Site Speed. In this post, you will learn how to install and configure the W3 Total Cache plugin to use it in conjunction with the free version of Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network). Here are the steps to move a website to CloudFlare. com) is a commercial content delivery network with integrated distributed denial of service (DDoS) defence. The CloudFlare APIs give you a broad idea of how to purge a single file of your site from the CloudFlare cache. This is true for all varieties of caching, on, or in between, but when all caching is off the page loads slightly faster on Cloudflare - 3500ms instead of 4100ms without. With DNS aggressive negative caching, as described in RFC8198, we can further decrease the load on the global DNS system. com via the customer dashboard. Once it's assigned, you might have to select flexible as the SSL (this means your user facing domain is green-lock SSL, but between CloudFlare and your server, it's speaking unencrypted HTTP). As it acts as a reverse proxy and domain name server to your website, it can provide a useful IPv6 transition mechanism if your hosting provider doesn't provide native IPv6. purge-static is a tool to find changed static files, show their URLs, and optionally purge them for you on your CDN, such as CloudFlare. WP Rocket Cloudflare add-ons. If you have a paid tier of Cloudflare then you can easily create cookie base rules to avoid these issues. You need to be really careful with this. CloudFlare + WordPress admin, Cache issue. Furthermore, you can set the mode of caching for your Aggressive: Cache all site content; you can set the time  6 Apr 2018 In addition, the Cloudflare public DNS resolver uses the open-source Knot Resolver. Note: By default, Cloudflare does not cache HTML content. This will minimize the risk to your visitors of keeping an outdated version of your site in the cache. Set Cloudflare's caching level to Aggressive; Activate Cloudflare's  22 Mar 2017 Chrome is notoriously aggressive when it comes to caching. But while I enjoy all of these privileges with Cloudflare, I have had my fair share of issues with domain registrars. Set the Cache Level to “Cache Everything. Contribute to pmeenan/cf-workers development by creating an account on GitHub. How to use Cloudflare's DNS service to speed up and secure your internet. Cache Purge - Forces CloudFlare to clear all cached content for a site and fetch a Aggressive will cache all static resources, including ones with a query string. Do you really need the caching of CloudFlare? I mean are you running out of bandwidth or something like that? I use CloudFlare and I disabled every form of caching from their control panel since day 1. Aggressive mode is recommended only for a site that doesn’t contain dynamically updated content. This Cloudflare tutorial will show you have to activate it (takes one click). One such example is in WordPress if you are using a Woo Theme one of the casualties of aggressive caching may be the slider images simply stop sliding or a Facebook like box no longer appears Exact web browser policies on XHR result caching vary (Chrome is very aggressive). Bypass cache Will not cache at all Standard / Aggressive caching Caches all static content that has a query string in it Ignore query string Caches static content that has a query string and treats it as one file Cache everything Hello, I’m using wp-rocket. Purge Cache – clears Cloudflare’s cache. WP Rocket’s Cloudflare add-on: In the plugin’s add-on tab, you will see the Cloudflare add-on. When you elect to auto-enable the optimal CloudFlare settings, WP Rocket will enable a predetermined set of options in CloudFlare for the best compatibility. Cloudflare's API exposes the entire Cloudflare infrastructure via a standardized programmatic interface. Set the Browser Cache TTL to an hour. Caching Level – set how much static content Cloudflare will cache. For the most part, CloudFlare caches images, but can cache CSS and JS. Collection of Cloudflare Workers. You can configure caching in a variety of different ways depending on how aggressive  14 Jan 2019 It is generally considered one of the top caching plugins for WordPress, . We have also seen websites using CloudFlare Always Online™ cache to create an illusion of being online, while the entire website is offline. How to Configure W3 Total Cache Settings for CloudFlare It can be tempting to install W3 Total Cache, enable everything, and then call it a day. 2 Dic 2013 This step by step tutorial will guide you on how to setup CloudFlare page setting from Cache Everything to Aggressive Cache (bí mäs ngut'a ar) or try an will do, will try experimenting with the caching options. Challenge: Ability to add an IP to the CloudFlare challenge group (will show the user a captcha to complete) IPv6 Support: Enable or disable the IPv6 Support; Cache Level: Ability to change the cache level to basic, simple or aggressive; Purge Cache: Ability to purge the full cache or certain files (which are inputted with URL's) Chrome is notoriously aggressive when it comes to caching. Major Tom to Cache-Control. In general, the page load time is the same or very slightly slower at around 3000ms including static resources. Just as with server and client resource caching, application caching requires a mechanism to invalidate a cached Cloudflare Cloudflare is amazing for lots of reasons! The #1 being that its a free service! Cloudflare will improve both site speed and security. If you have any additional information to provide (such as CDN/CloudFlare information), I would be happy to take another look. See, we said this caching business is easy stuff. I run WP Super Cache in many of my blogs, and there is a considerable improvement in page loading speed. I had to create my own cache server for it but it involved another point of failure and it slowed down the response times. There are a couple things you can do to speed up your WordPress website, and they won’t cost you a dime. S. With DNS aggressive negative caching, as described in RFC8198, they can further decrease the load on the global DNS system. thanks again 18 Aug 2016 So the lesser of two evils, we had to go with CloudFlare caching. Do one or the other, not both! The minification in most all plugins is more aggressive than Cloudflare and will generally render better speed. Cloudflare's services sit between a website's visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites. Application caches require a mechanism to scavenge items out of the cache should memory become scarce. It means WP Rocket combines files into little groups for better compatibility and performance. Cloudflare offers a suite of performance optimizations, including HTTP/2, TLS 1. CloudFare® is the world best CDN, DNS service made for huge performance improvement and security of your Magento store! Launched back in 2009 CloudFlare has gained its userbase to 1. Hello readers, Hope you are doing well, Today we will discus How To Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin And How to make Cloudflare Integration. But most of the user normally use the aggressive caching Hi; I work for CloudFlare, let me explain why I’m really passionate about our offering. com/pic. 【この記事の概要】 前回⇒ CloudFlareでキャッシュ可否の条件は「URLの末尾がキャッシュ対象拡張子に見えること」だった CloudFlareのキャッシュレベルは Basic / Simplified / Aggressive の3段階から選べますが、その違いがイマイチ解らなかったので調べました。 CDN Services like MaxCDN or CloudFlare use a very aggressive “caching ” methods in order to achieve their goal and optimize your website speed. For more advanced caching options with Page Rules, please see this article What do the custom caching options mean in Page Rules. Just a heads up, there's no such thing as semi-dedicated hosting. Here are the intermittent issues I noticed while testing this setup (all on mobile for some reason): And setting the caching level to "aggressive" has the downside that there may be pages here that update more frequently than cloudflare is going back to get native copies, so I can understand why that's not optimal. SiteGround offers Cloudflare CDN for free with each of their plans, and you can choose to activate Cloudflare in the cPanel of your SiteGround hosting account in just 1 click. web infrastructure and website security company, providing content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security and distributed domain name server services. Account Email – same email used in your Cloudflare account. The result: ZERO problems. If you see any query strings, you will probably want aggressive or simplified caching. This service is normally only available on their $200/mo Business plan. Yes, both will help increase the speed of your website + the server load will decrease. Here are the intermittent issues I noticed while testing this setup (all on mobile for some reason): For the most part, CloudFlare caches images, but can cache CSS and JS. com. I'll come right out and say that now. e. CDN Services like MaxCDN or CloudFlare use a very aggressive “caching ” methods in order to achieve their goal and optimize your website speed. I focused on wielding caching for everything that isn’t likely to change often if ever. I will breakdown Cloudflare settings in four sections as. In one case, the entire static content was there, but we couldn’t access videos and elements such as forms, search and so on. There are people not in their right mind that will argue to the contrary and that's precisely what the title of this post suggests - it's unhealthy security absolutism. Thus, it protects and accelerates your site. 12 Oct 2018 I love Cloudflare. Period! As a Cloudflare Optimized Partner we are able to offer our clients Cloudflare’s Railgun for free. "aggressive" , or "cache_everything" . Should i off Browser Cache Expiration from cloudflare? Please suggest me best solution. Serve content directly from Cloudflare's AMP Cache to provide a fast user experience. There was only one caching plugin that got our test site under 1-second load times in both tests and that’s Cache Enabler. cloudflare_stings . depending on your setup you may need to use Aggressive instead if resources use  16 Feb 2019 Fragment Caching; Extensions; Setting Up CloudFlare . But when i off Development Mode my site score goes down. More aggressive caching rules can be added to serve additional read-only content from CloudFlare (which is not normally cached), at the expense of being able to update the same content in a timely manner. Caches all static content that has a query string in it. Mise en cache dans le stockage local. 6%. Swift is using more aggressive optimization/preload functions than any other plugin on the market. Bypass cache Will not cache at all Standard / Aggressive caching Caches all static  11 Sep 2015 Most CDN services will have you choose between caching aggressively and having to wait for updates to go live, or do no caching on your  1 Mar 2017 It was a winner in my recent Top WordPress Caching Plugins is more aggressive than Cloudflare and will generally render better speed. With CloudFlare caching static content, it is estimated that 40% to 60% of a site content will be served by CloudFlare. Instant cache purge The Imperva network design supports instant cache purge and rule propagation, either manually or automatically, through the GUI or API. Now if you have Simplified enabled, then CloudFlare will ignore the query string and return style. We also use several settings on Cloudflare for security, plus "Aggressive" level caching. 1 speed up your browsing? Cloudflare uses aggressive caching in order to be able to serve you the IP addresses that you want to access quicker, and therefore having the site load quicker. You need to write a Page Rule to cache static HTML content. From what I’ve researched on the web CloudFlare is considered “CDN-lite” by some folks. Cloudflare CDN caches your website’s content and then distributes it over various data centers across the world. 😮 Thousands of dollars in hosting bills saved through aggressive caching But while I enjoy all of these privileges with Cloudflare, I have had my fair share of issues with domain registrars. 16 Mar 2019 To prevent CloudFlare from caching certain parts of your site, it is "Cache everything" is the most aggressive and may be OK for static image  11 May 2019 Cloudflare serves cached file on Nginx Web Server which is much more (CDN) ; Custom Page Rules (for Aggressive Speed and Security). sure an aggressive caching policy is actually what is causing files to This means Discord probably has Cloudflare caching their service's  25 Jun 2019 Cloudflare uses aggressive caching in order to be able to serve you the IP addresses that you want to access quicker, and therefore having the  Cloudflare, however, has a multitude of performance features that can Optimisation through Mirage, caching of CSS & JS, aggressive GZIP,. Development Mode – use when making a lot of code changes to your site. The only reason why I use CF is to prevent attackers from knowing my server IP. Is there any ability to set options such as cache expiry, time that they reside on edge servers before expiration, etc? Caching proxies like NGINX and services like Cloudflare allow you to specify that until a user has a browser cookie that de-anonymises them, content can be served from cache. That one’s more challenging because it’s WooCommerce, but you can set up a Cloudflare Worker to bypass the aggressive caching for people logged in: GitHub pmeenan/cf-workers. The free version of WP Fastest Cache has less aggressive settings than the paid version. 5 million users. This will also cut down on server resources. Cloudflare configuration Following this guide should get you basically there. SSL (Encryption) Speed (Compression) Cache (CDN) Custom Page Rules (for Aggressive Speed and Security) I have been using Cloudflare for last three years and I know what’s up with the Cloudflare and how it can really protect your website from hackers and boost its performance. Setting up CloudFlare Free CDN for Website Caching and Security. No Query String – only delivers cached files when there is no query string. But the documentation is less than helpful in that it doesn’t give you the actual PHP syntax. Firebear Studio GitHub. cloudflare aggressive caching

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